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Increase the speed of your website for blogspot : Ranking easily

Everyone knows that keywords are main factors for SEO but also the main factor is website speed loading time. Google will consider this factor seriously for SEO and also if your website is takes time for show content to visitors then first of all visitors never came again to your site because of bad response.
increase speed of website

And Google will also taking some action regarding these type of website. Action is basically like you can get problem in ranking. websites with loading time less than 6 second is considered good but if your website is load in 10 15 second then it gives bad result and also having bad effect on ranking.

Now i know what you want to know, how to reduce the page loading time for blogger and increase the speed of your website.

As we all know for wordpress users there are many plugins by which they will help but what about Blogspot users, So here we talk about for Blogspot users because they have no plugins for this.


Images size

Image size matters a lot because as you all know a big image is always takes a lot of time to open in our system like that in website there are same thing. If your content image is of bigger size then it will takes time by which your website loading time is more.
You can use many tools for reducing the image size without losing its quality.

Change your theme

Some bloggers buy premium theme which has complex code just because of looks and put unusable widgets on it, So by this their website loading time is more than 10 sec and go for that theme which has a good loading time. 
Their are many tools for checking website speed.

Enable caching

By enable caching you can increase your website speed. 
blogs and websites are generally viewed by hundred, thousand people per month. Let me tell you one thing first that each time a browser request a webpage and server has to do some time consuming calculations and it retrieve your website posts, latest posts, header, footer and so on. And mostly many times the results of these calculation is same. So what does caching does, instead of processing each request everytime it will simply make the server remember the final result.

Only for Wordpress users because currently bloggers doesn't have facility for setting leverages browser cache (i will give you some alternate as soon as possible).

CSS Spirits -

CSS spirits is a software technology which converts multiple images into one. So by this your connections will reduce and your website will load faster.
Click here for CSS spirits

Broken Links

Broken links greatly effect your user experience. It doesn't work for speeding up your website. They are basically found in the image source the link which shows 404 error it considered as broken links. They reduce your website traffic.


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