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How to unblock URL from facebook - URL blocked by facebook

Today, i'll give you some tips regarding your block URL on Facebook and it is a biggest problem for beginners because Facebook is a good source of redirecting visitors directly to your blog by providing links in such groups or your friends and in all of these if your URl is blocked by facebook then there is very bad situation for you when your URl is blocked by facebook and you have no other source to attract the peoples towards your blog or website.
Unblock URL from facebook

Why Facebook blocked your URl -

One of the most biggest reason for blocking of URL on Facebook is when you post your URL many times in comments section or message box then Facebook will consider it is a spam and due to this Facebook blocked your URl.

If you want to check your that your website is spam or not then you can check directly here.

If your website is hacked by someone like if hacker inject some virus and dangerous script in your website then Facebook blocked your website URL.

How to resolve it -


For unblock URl from Facebook the first thing you have to do is contact to Facebook help Centre because it is only way to properly solve this problem.

How to unbock URl from facebook

Simply go to this link . This type of interface will open after clicking now the next thing you have to do is write a message regarding your blocked URl.

After completing this steps click on send. Repeating this step about 5 6 Facebook ID , Ask your friends about this and send this message by their Facebook IDs.

Do this continuously for 1 week until your url is unblocked.


You can use a Google URL shortner website for shorten your URL. If you URl is blocked by Facebook and you need an urgent URl then this URl shortner website will help you to shorten your website URL and by this you can promote your URl on Facebook.


It is an additional method and it an extreme method but most effective method to resolve your problem ( use this method only if you don't get any reply from facebook reagarding your problem , wait for 1 month ) Purchase a new domain and transfer all your content to this new domain so that all the links are redirected to your new domain.

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  1. Amazing content bro. So if you only can have two facebook IDs it can't work?

    1. thankx bro and if you request from 5 6 IDs then there is more chances to get unblock.

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