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How to add contact us form to blog (2019 edition)

Today many of bloggers faces same problem that is customization of their blog and due to this they faces many problem like google Adsense disapproval and many other, so customization is most important for google Adsense, not only for google Adsense, but also by customization your website looks clean and clear.

One of the main widget which is necessary for your website that is contact form. Contact form is basically connection between visitors and founder or creator of website. If anyone have problem related your content or your website then they will directly contact you by fill the contact form.

Blogger is having not much widgets for customization and on the other hand wordpress like platform are rich of widget, In wordpress it is simple to add such types of things so here we teach how to add contact us form to your blog.
So let's get started

STEP 1 -

Sign up for blogger and then open layout

STEP 2 -

Scroll the bar downward and you will see the footer section of your template, Now here is the place where we can add our contact us form. Simply click on Add a widget.

STEP 3 -       

This click will open an another window and now the next things you have to do is scroll the bar and search for contact form and click on + sign and save.                                                                                                                                                    


Now select the theme option in left side of your screen and then click on edit html, now you have to some changes in the your html. now search for ]]></b:skin> (press ctrl+f for search box)

STEP 5 -

Now you can one last thing which is copy this code [given in the box] just before the ]]></b:skin> and then click on save arrangement.

Done now click on save theme and go to your website link and check the footer widget.


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