How and what to write in blog in 2019: Easier way and step by step guide

What to write on blog and how to write? Many peoples search on google and find that how to write on google but still they don't get any topic? This is because you do not know that in which niche you have knowledge and some people copy the another blogs like they copy the topic and write on it. They do not select the topic according their own information and after some time they do not have anything to write in their blog and they feed up with it.

How to start blogging - Guide for blogging


Firstly choose your own topic because at current time content is king, 
  1. Generally choose the topic in which you have all information like if someone tell you that write a content more than 300 words on that topic then you can easily write it.
  2. In the whole content, choose the points in which you are expert and write on it and highlight it, so that if someone read the points then this will give a good impression on it.
  3. One of the main thing is that before writing a  content always crawl search engine that it is in demand or not (like if your blog is on tech an mobiles , then mobile keyword is searching more than million times in search engine but competitions is very high in this content) 
  4. Use keyword planner in google adword and check the monthly searches on google so that it is easy to choose a keyword or topic.
  5. Always remember to give some information to your visitor because information content is getting more information then tutorial.


How to write a blog post? It matters a lot because if your content is in good form then you visitors love our website and follow you.
  1.  Choose a unique style for write a content because today in google there are cluster of website for many topics so choose a unique style so that your visitor will attract to your website.
  2. Do not write 5 6 paragraph in one posts because they'll bore your visitors.
  3. Always post 1 2 image in content mainly in that type of content in which you write in steps, because this will help your visitors to clearly understand the topics.
  4. If you any difficult word in your posts for any language then you must clear it in the blog.
  5. Always reply to the comments of your reader so that your visitors feel that admin is responsive and respond to their question.
  6. If you choose link in your website then always remember that all the link are of same color.
  7. Always use tag in your blog post, main tag like H1, H2 , H3.
  8. Use bold, italic and underline the words and sentence which are important in your blog posts.
  9. And update your blog so that you get visitors on your website.


➤Sometime our knowledge is not sufficient for our visitors and also sometimes we don't actually know everything so to overcome this , you need to search daily on google and then write your own content by mixing up your search, it also helps you to increase your post words.
➤Headlines are basically nothing but it helps to your blog post to look more attractive.
➤Most of the people write their whole content in one session which is good and also i recommended this because this makes easier to stay focused on your topic.

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