What is Event blogging- How to earn $500-$1000 per day from blogging

Every blogger want to earn money from their blog and this is possible when you work regularly 4-5 hours on your blogs for making $300-$400. But some people do not give much time to blogging because of their jobs. They only work for their blog when they are free for their full time career work and if you too are of them then go for EVENT BLOGGING. 

What is event blogging. Earn $500-$1000 from event blogging


Basically event blogging is a short time blogging but give more profit and you can work on it in your spare time because it is not much time taken and a good earning source. Event blogging is for a particular event or a particular festival.


Choose a platform like blogger or any other like WordPress. If you have some money then go for WordPress otherwise blogger is sufficient for event blogging. 

  1.  Start event blogging related to the upcoming event like new year, Christmas. Remember one thing start your blog before 2 3 months of the event because new website take time for ranking.
  2. Now the second thing is Search engine optimization, make your website SEO friendly and mobile friendly
  3. Choose a templates that have more columns or bars so that your text and images display clearly to your visitor and it looks beautiful.
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Now the main question is how to earn? The very first option for earning is Google Adsense because it is always on top in all the Ads platform, I know , now you will ask me how Google Adsense will approve your website so soon because their policies are strict. 
So the answer is that first try for Google Adsense, if they approves your website then very good otherwise Go for Infolinks and Amazon ads because Infolinks is a directly sign up ad platform, sign up with your email and just after that you will see ads on your website.


If you make a blog on events like New year, Don't forget to posts images, videos, new year quotes, Gif and all other which comes in your mind because before the 2 3 of new year 70% of world population download images, quotes from google and if your website will rank on 1st page of Google then you will get massive traffic on your blog.
At that time No matters which Ads platform is used, Only the traffic matters and if you follow the SEO rules than of course you will get good traffic from different sources and from different countries.

I recommended you to signup for Amazon ads platform because at events gifts are one of the main thing and mostly people prefer online shopping and if you placed Amazon ads and any of your visitor buy anything from your ad link then you will get some revenue.
(Like if anyone buy a Laptop (price - $1000) from your link then you will get around $80-$100 which is good.)


  1. Create a Goal
  2. Research your audience
  3. keyword research ( use google keyword planner click here)
  4. Good content Research
  5. Create backlinks
  6. Use images, videos
  7. Allow share option
  8. Allow comment option
  9. Choose a good template
  10. Write your posts regularly 

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