Top best recommended tools for beginners in blogging (2019)

Blogging is always not always profitable for some users because of proper guide. The main reason for failure in blogging is some of new bloggers are fed up with blogging because they don't get response from blogging or either some of them don't have enough time for blogging.

 I know blogging is not easy but not as hard as the beginner thinks because of their failure, Before stepping into blogging be sure or this. Many reasons which beginners are fed up with the blogging and leave the platform.

In blogging, Design matters a lot because everybody wants a different design or representation and as we all know Tools provides the best looks to our website and also good for SEO and helps to grow your website.

So here we will discuss about some Resources -

1. Readability tools

As you know In some website there is complicated language that is not understandable by everyone, which directly effect on visitors. Readability tools improve the readability of your content on your blog.
readability tools

Everybody wants more and more visitors to their website and also your content is good and easy to understand then everyone wants to come on your website.
CLICK HERE for Readability tools

2. Social sharing button

Today everything is spread through social media sites. And it also attracts your visitors on your blog. 
Add this to your blog. Blogger provides an free social sharing widget which is good and if you customize this tool properly then surely it will gives you result, And also for wordpress users, there is a plugin called social sharing tool which looks great.

3. Scan Grammar tool -

I think everybody wants this tool including me. with the help of this tool you can check errors and correct it, basically it check spellings, sentence and errors of your written content and also it improves your writing skills.  CLICK HERE for tool 

4. Google keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is free tool provided by Google for searching Keyword for your blog, Keyword helps in ranking of your website. Choosing a keyword for your blogposts is important for ranking your blog posts.

CLICK HERE for google keyword planner.

5.  Plagiarism Checker

What happen if you write a posts with quality content and somebody copy it from your website and post it on their own website, you will not even know who did this. So here is a plagiarism checker tool copyscape. 
plagiarism checker 

Copyscape scans the web on the daily basis to find the duplicate of your content. CLICK HERE for copyscape

6. Google Analytics - 

Google analytics control and optimize your visitors. It is a great tool and also helps you to improve your visitor and also guide you that how will you improve your visitors. Overall it is a good tool for analytics your website.

CLICK HERE for Google analytics

7. Word counter - 

Word counter is a tool for counting your written content. A good blog posts is having 500+ words which is also good for Adsense approval and also it will increase your post ranking.   

CLICK HERE for word counter


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