Top 5 best Google Adsense alternative (2019) - for monetize your website

Google Adsense is provided by the google for monetize your website by representing their ads and give revenue for ads. And there is no doubt that Google Adsense is best than other ad network but many people do not have any non hosted Adsense account, because of some mistakes they do not get approval by google for ads so this topic is for these which has been rejected by the google Adsense. There are many alternative of google Adsense but mostly people choose google Adsense because it is a google product and pay highest CPC.

Top 5 Best Google Adsense alternative -

1. - is similar as google Adsense and operated by yahoo and Bing and at the number 1st in Adsense alternative. In other words we can say that it is Adsense of yahoo and Bing. Its offer highest paying ads but if you don't have a quality blog than you will not get approval by  

 Sign  up directly from here -
  • Minimum payout - $100
  • Payment method - PayPal
  • Ad type - Text ads, Display ads
  • Approval - In, Approval is little bit harder because in some cases website traffic matters. You should have an quality blog with 20+ posts.

2. Amazon native ads - Amazon is the world largest affiliate program and it is also an advertising program named "Amazon native ads". The difference in between Adsense and amazon ads platform is that amazon pay only when someone buy an product by clicking on ads, amazon ads only pay for sales.Its show high relevant product ads in a beautiful design.

  • Minimum Payout - $100
  • Payment method - various
  • Ad type - Display ads
  • Approval - Sign up directly

3. Propeller ads - Today propeller ads are world wide ads platform and one of the most top performing ads network. The best thing is it is idle for every new blogger means you will get easily approval by propeller ads.

Sign up directly from here - Propeller ads

  • Minimum payout - $25 
  • Payment method - Several options
  • Ad type - Various ( offered by the propeller ads)
  • Approval - Easily approved every website

4. Bidvertiser - It is direct advertising site and one of the best google Adsense alternative. New blogger who didn't get approved by google Adsense should try this because it offers instant approval within in some minutes.

Sign up directly from here - Bidvertiser

  • Minimum payout - $10
  • Payment method - Paypal, Payza 
  • Ad type - Display ads, slider ads, Text ads, XML feeds
  • Approval - Sign up and start advertising ads and get revenue for their ads.

5. Infolinks - Infolinks is an also best Adsense alternative and it shows innovative ads and it is very easy to use and you will get easily approval. It is not good as Adsense alternative and ads are not high quality ads.

Sign up directly from here - Infolinks

  • Minimum Payout - $50
  • Payment method - Various
  • Ad type - In Frame, In tag 
  • Approval - Just sign up and paste the code in your theme html.

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