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Best free keyword research tool ( 2019)

If you want to be a successful blogger then you must known about search engine optimization and SEO (search engine optimization) is done by many ways but one the main thing for SEO is keyword researching. Keyword researching is basically a connection between, what are the searches done by audience in search engine and your content title. Today there is very competitions in keywords also and there are so many online paid tools which are used by most of the blogger for keywords researching.

Best keyword research tool

But they are too costly for beginners and for a newbie blogger the first priority is always use a free tools or free platform and it is totally true, So there are many free tools by which you can do keyword researching for your website and rank your website.



When we talk about best free keyword research tool then the keyword planner from google is always on number one because it is simple and give all information about searching and other and along with the keyword list, you'll find average monthly searches and competition also.

If you want to use it then simply go to the Google adwords and then sign up there.


By searching short keywords, sometimes it is difficult to choose keywords for ranking because of competition and then there is only one option which is Long Tail Keyword. And this tool is specially for long tail keywords and widely use product.

It is simple and easy to use and and also in starting everybody want to keep things as simple as possible. And also its loading time is less, takes of couple of minutes to plug in your keyword.

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I think this is the tool which you all want because it shows all keywords and suggest you that how to win the game of SEO. You ca easily search keywords without any charge. It is totally free of cost and giving best result.

One of the best features is that it provides searches from various sources like images, news, shopping, news. It provides more keywords with new ideas and with a new niche.

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As you see the same Google correlate, it is also provide by google and it finds search pattern which is like real words trends. For beginners it is also a helpful tool.

It is a google product but it is different from google trends. Like i search SEO keyword and as you seen google shown queries that correlate with "SEO". As you seen above that not all the searching queries contain making website phrase it is because it is correlation data.



If you want  a profitable niche then this tool will surely help you and it provides the lists of searching keyword. And also easy to use and it also shows competition on keywords and shows the google search volume so that you will find keyword according to your niche.
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Google is on top in everything, if you don't find anything good in all above keyword planner then the last option is google.

Like i searched "make website" in google and google shows all related searches. These related searches are basically most searched keywords. So you can easily find this on google.


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