How to start blogging - Tips for freshers to become succesful blogger and make a successful blogger career.



succesful blogging career

Hello friends, how are you ?  Friends, i hope you guys are good. So today's topic is very interesting and very useful. In today's topic we will personally talk about how to start blogging and how to become a successful blogger, As we know that many of the persons want to start blogging as their full time career and if you also have 1 of them then yes this topic is become very useful for you so lets get started.

PLATFORMS( blogger or wordpress)

Many of the persons want to start blogging but they do not have any good guides means they are confused how to start , confused in platform like blogger or wordpress which one is better. So firstly talk about the blogger . Friends, blogger is a free platform provided by google for making a beautiful blog free of cost and and if you have some money for startup then go for wordpress because wordpress provides many features then blogger. And also wordpress many tools and plenty of widgets which makes your website beautiful , But if you don't have money then surely go for blogger , blogger is also good and very easy to use as comparing to wordpress. Its all about the platforms and if you have a desire to become a good blogger then choose a best topic for your blog for which you have a great knowledge and you can write 1 or 2 posts daily on this topic. If your blog is about food and you are describe about clothes in your blog then this will give bad effect to your visitor. They never again visits your blog or website. And also remember 1 thing, always give right posts and don't time pass with your posts and also with visitors.

SEO ( search engine optimization) (quality content)

The second most important thing is the SEO of website. SEO is basically search engine optimization means rank your website in search engines like GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO and others. Visitors will not come unless the website will ranked and is there is no visitors then your blog will waste, And you will get also some motivation when the visitors visits your blog. And also when you make a blog then choose a template which is responsive and take short time for loading, if your template take too much time for loading visitors will never open because everyone wants information as soon as possible. And also customize your template's side bars, menu bars and make a clean view of your home page so that each and everything will be understand properly so thath visitors visit your site daily.


Many of the persons have same question that how much earning we get from blog. So friends , we clearly describe you that earning in blogging is much more then from Youtube earning , if you write 2 or 3 posts daily in your blog with some good keywords and if you have 1000- 2000 visitors in one day then you will easily earn $50-$60 dollars 😃(depends upon the country cpc) which is good. But this is all depends on hard-work because 2 posts ( about 500-700 words with quality content ) is not easy for beginners but if you want to become a successful blogger then you have to do it.

Some main points which are important in blogging -

  • write posts more than 600+ words so that it would be easy to take approval from google adsense or any other ads network.
  • write 2 posts minimum ( for the beginners) to increase traffic and to make your blog popular.
  • Never give up , yes the very most important points is never give up Because blogging  takes time so don't loose hope and work hard regularly 3-4 months and you will get result.
  • Do not write anything in your blog, write article only related to your content because google adsense approved only that blog in which there is good quality content.

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