How to build and increase quality Do follow Backlinks on your website (increase your traffic)

Do follow links are very helpful for increasing your website traffic by creating backlinks for your website.
How to build and increase Do follow backlinks


It is basically a type of Backlink which increases your page ranks and also your posts ranks and also increase your traffic on your website. Basically it allow all search engine to follow the link and come to our website by which you got traffic from search engines.

Do follow backlink increases your site visibility also we can say it gives better chance of visibility to your website and also by creating a backlink you will absolutely get some profit for your website.

To increase your google page ranks you must get quality Do follow backlink , If you are beginner in blogging you must know that in order to get a good page rank you must build Do follow backlinks for your website.


First of all you must know that if you want to submit your posts or pages then first its directory has to be submitted, If directory of any posts or pages is not submitted then your posts and page will never get a good rank so always remember that directory is very important for submit your posts
So there are many ways to create a Dofollow backlink like social media, blog submission and many other but here we can do it by an easy and successful way, First of all go to the USA listing directory website, which is a very good website and approved any kind of website and blogs for submission.
here is the direct link for the website LINK .

you can directly reach at the submission page by this link. Now the next step, which you have to is check here,
Submit your details

  1. leave the first option in pricing and click on second (Regular Links) it is free of cost.
  2. Now the next is "title'' , write your keyword related to posts in the title.
  3. Now Copy the URL from the post which you want to rank first and then paste the URL to the box.
  4. In the description, write 20-30 words from your posts, remember that it should cover  your keyword 2-3 times.
  5. In meta keywords, write long chain keyword related to your post keyword like if your post title is Adsense then it must be like, Adsense tricks , approve Adsense and many other.
  6. Copy the meta description in meta keyword and use of keyword is must
  7. Fill your name 
  8. Submit your Email ID
  9. Category is about your post , like if your posts is about Fashion then select fashion.
  10. Now the last is reciprocal URl link, leave it empty.
Now click on "i agree'' and then click on submit button.

Now your URl is successfully submitted and a quality do follow backlink is created for your website. By this if your visitors will find your posts in search engine then your blog will be show there.



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