How to do SEO in right ways and increase your website traffic (2019 )

If you want to rank your website on popular search engines then read this article carefully.

Hello friends, in this article i'll tell you some SEO guides because SEO is all important for any website ranking. A beginner who is new to blogging and make a new blog then ofcourse he would like to know that how to do SEO and how to make his blog SEO friendly and i see this thing everyday that many people are running behind these things and want to know how to do SEO.

WHAT IS SEO? As we know that whenever we have to search something we do on google and google shows a lot of different website on many pages but we choose only thoose which are on 1 pages and we will get our result, Do you ever thought that how these website are getting show on first page on top. This if because of a good SEO.

Now, the question is that how google or another some popular engines knows that this content has the proper answer or proper content to which it should be kept in the first place and this is where the concept of SEO comes from.


GOOGLE will rank those website link on first page which will consider by itself that the content is good and with high authority. Basically in the SEO , authority means  
how many pages are connected with the link of that top pages and the more pages will be associated with it , the more authority that page will be.

SEO can be done in many ways - 

1. Optimize your images - optimization of images are good for your website and helpful for ranking. But there are some factors like if your image is too large then it will reduce your website loading speed. Always resize and compress your images to optimize them. And always remember to use keyword in the description and caption.

2. Easy run on mobile device - As we all know 50-60% of searches in google is from mobile. So be sure that your website is mobile friendly and every function or widget is properly show in the mobile.

3. Improve your loading speed - Loading speed is the main factor responsible for website audience, If your load speed is too slow then this will give negative interaction for ranking. To Increase your website speed -
  • Delete all unusable widgets
  • Choose an SEO friendly template
Also research shows that 50% of visitor will abandon website if the page takes longer than 3 seconds.

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4. Broken links - Broken links can crush your SEO ranking and it will effect your website,  broken links are basically likes , e.g if i provide a link to my website and it will redirect you to a wrong page then it will give bad effect to my visitor.

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5. Infographics - If you provide your content in graphics format then your visitors will easily understand this and they think of coming to your website again and again. Like if you display the content in image format or in video format then this will help your user to easily understand. And if you have a YouTube channel then also posts your YouTube video on your website.

6. Provide internal links - Internal links are good for navigate the website so you must provide good and safe internal links provide in your website.
provide internal link for Seo

7. Meta title - Make sure your Meta title includes keywords and including 40 to 50 character because is it reaches the limit then it will hide in google search.

Add meta title for seo

8. LSI keyword - LSI keyword are those which are similar to the main keyword. And use this LSI keyword in your content so that visitors will reach easily to the content.
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